The phrase “free alternative to Microsoft Paint” might not fill you with excitement. How about free alternative to really expensive photo editing software?

What began as a modest project turned into an exceptionally good image app with a price tag of zero. Don’t even think about paying for an image editor if you haven’t tried Paint.NET first.

Why you need it

Whether you’re fixing family snaps, crafting original images or bashing out hilarious cartoons for Facebook, chances are you need some kind of image editor. Paint.NET covers all the bases, and while it looks a little bit old-fashioned it’s easy to use and packed with features. It enables you to create multiple layers to make complex images easy to manipulate, and it has a range of colour filters and special effects to get your images just so.

There are excellent drawing and cloning tools, and if you take things too far the unlimited history enables you to retrace your steps with a couple of clicks. It’s expandable via plugins, and it has an active online community ready to help newcomers and puzzled pros alike

And did we mention that it’s fast? No? It’s fast, whether you’re on a low-powered Atom processor or a screamingly fast i7.

Download here: Paint.NET

Source: techradar – Gadgets
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