A massive part of Facebook’s plan to “build community” is to connect the world with internet, and to that end it’s developed a number of methods to do just that. From routers to drone planes, Facebook has just about done it all, and today it introduced one more method.

The social network has developed a small helicopter called Tether-tenna, designed to deliver internet when infrastructure is damaged or destroyed, such as during a natural disaster. 

Some fiber must still be operational so Tether-tenna can connect, but if it is, the copter will make a virtual tower by flying a few hundred feet into the sky.

“When completed, this technology will be able to be deployed immediately and operate for months at a time to bring back connectivity in case of an emergency — ensuring the local community can stay connected while the in-ground connectivity is under repair,” wrote Facebook’s Yael Maguire in a blog post.

Source: techradar – Gadgets
Facebook is making a helicopter to deliver internet in emergencies