Ever since the US streaming giant Netflix arrived on our shores, Australians have been wondering when Amazon’s rival streaming service would also be making its Down Under debut. The answer, it turns out, is right now!

Though the local Amazon online store is still exclusively selling ebooks and Kindle readers, Amazon’s US and UK sites are now allowing Aussies to subscribe to its Prime service using their Australian accounts and credit card details. Surprisingly, signing up will give you access to Amazon’s entire streaming library, unlike the diminutive local lineup that Netflix currently offers. 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the service was expected to arrive in Australia in December. Instead, access was granted overnight, just in time for tomorrow’s launch of The Grand Tour, the highly-anticipated new series from Top Gear alums Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

At present, the Amazon Prime Video app has not been made available in Australia on either the App Store or Google Play store, so the only way to watch Amazon’s video content is through a computer browser window. That said, it does seem likely that the retail giant will officially launch its service in Australia very soon. 

To sign up for a Prime membership, head over to Amazon’s Prime page to start a 30-day free trial of the service. Once the trial period is over, the membership will begin charging US$10.99 per month to your Amazon account.

Source: techradar – Gadgets
It’s Prime time: Amazon’s video service now streaming in Australia