In eCommerce news: The tug-of-war game just got a bit tighter, and Amazon may be in the crosshairs.

Walmart’s is helping to push the envelope with its new “try before you buy” approach.  Approximately 300,000 online product samplings and exclusive offers will be included in monthly eCommerce packages.

Through this new promotional effort, is hoping to enhance its customer engagement process and is likely to continue to increase its status as a tier one eCommerce company.

As a long-time partner of Walmart, BrandShare has been helping fuel its eCommerce unit.

Brands participating in these product samples include big names like Unilever, Pfizer, General Mills and Starbucks. Depending upon which interests are selected, each of the samples are customized to each participating consumer.

The apprehension most consumers likely have with trying out new products comes from not wanting to waste money if expectations aren’t met. Through participating in programs like’s eCommerce package offering, consumers will be able to try out products without the fear of losing out on money.

While it’s not for certain whether or not this will push Walmart ahead of Amazon in the eCommerce arena, the “try before you buy” idea seems like a good start.

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