Another week, another full plate of data to digest. By now, everyone on Earth probably knows the big number of the week – 200 million.  That would be the number of accounts that seem to have been hacked right out from under Yahoo!.

But the week was otherwise data rich – and we’d hate for you to miss the less explosive bits of data floating around the atmosphere.

Lucky for you, with the PYMNTS 11 you never have to….

  1.  24/7 : How often the customer service department should be open for a 24/7 marketplace- according to Michael Ting, Hyperwallet’s senior vice president of digital markets.
  2. 3The number of times per day same Day ACH will move money between all bank accounts in the U.S.
  3. 11%The amount of consumer churn on some products, according to Dan Burkhart, CEO and cofounder of Recurly.
  4. 1,500The number of babies claimed by SIDS in 2014. Owl Baby Care’s connect infant sock wants to lower that number, a lot.
  5. 12% : The average boost paying with Apple Pay gives unattended retail.
  6. 77% The proportion of millennials using mobile banking each month.
  7. 85 Million The number of Walgreens Balance Rewards active members are now able to earn rewards via their Android mobile devices.
  8. 700 Million The approximate number of chip cards in circulation in the U.S.
  9. 738,800 : The esitmated number of part-time staff to be hired this holiday season.
  10. 4% :  JPMC’s predicted 2014 sales growth for the iPhone – their analysts thing everyone is overestimating iPhone 7 success.
  11. 15 The number of second measured between fraud attacks on planet earth.

Source: – Mobility & Payments