The tug-of-war between Amazon and Walmart wages on in eCommerce news this week.

As rumors start to spread of Amazon’s alleged blocking of other bidders in its Whole Foods acquisition deal, the eCommerce giant is ramping up on its Prime Membership numbers and sales. Meanwhile, Walmart’s shared news of its new partnership with BrandShare to help provide samples in its monthly eCommerce customer packages.

Here are the numbers:

$35 to $40 | Amount rumored to have been offered for Whole Foods shares in acquisition deal, which Amazon won with its $42-per-share offer

85 million | Number of Americans with an Amazon Prime Membership

$1300 vs. $700 | Average amount spent by Amazon Prime Members versus non-Prime Members each year

25 to 30 percent | Discounts given on Amazon’s Prime Day 2017

300,000 | Amount of samples to be included in’s eCommerce packages

Source: – Payments
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