Because being one of the world’s biggest streaming platforms isn’t enough for Twitch, the purple-tinted website is also aiming take over the next thing to broadcasting games: selling them.

Twitch is now officially a digital games distributor, allowing viewers to purchase games directly through their web browser or Twitch desktop app

Twitch’s library dwarfs in comparison to other gaming e-shops such as Steam, GOG, or Humble with just barely over 50 games available for purchase, but makes up for it with a selection of games perfectly fit for the platform.

Several fit-for-a-wide-audience titles are on sale, such as several of Telltale’s episodic series, the recently released Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and all three Jackbox Party Packs — the latter being excellent party games actively designed with streaming in mind.

Getting a little Twitchy

Some games will need additional elements to play, such as the UPlay client for Ubisoft-branded games or a linked account for online-heavy games like Warframe, but otherwise work similar to buying a game from any other digital storefront.

Twitch is also offering extra incentives players who choose to flock to the Amazon-owned service. Purchases of $4.99 or more qualifies users for a Twitch Crate — a random loot box that holds customizable emotes, badges, and other goodies.

Twitch is also adding another carrot to entice buying its games: sweepstakes

From now until May 1, each Twitch Crate also gives the user a chance to win a selection of prizes fit for any streamer (or fan of one) from a new keyboard, mouse, or headset all the way to a top-shelf kit of everything one needs to broadcast games in style.

Currently, Twitch only accepts US currency for games sold through its service, but tells The Verge that more ways to pay will be added in the near future.

Source: techradar – Gadgets
Twitch now sells the games you’re probably streaming already