Uber has announced the rollout of a newly redesigned Uber app that will change the app experience for Uber users. The changes announced are way more than just aesthetic and User Interface changes extending to the ‘driving’ philosophy of the app. The first change that users will notice is “Where to?” on the main screen. Here the users can type in the address or the name of the person they are going to meet to set the location.

This change may seem incredibly simple, but there is a lot of work going on in the back-end with the help of neural network to learn the address and locations of your friends. The company will roll this feature gradually where the users will simply need to sync their contacts with the Uber app. This is effectively going away with addresses and turning your friends as your destination.

Image Credit: Uber

Image Credit: Uber

The second significant change is the introduction of Shortcuts to the app where shortcuts like ‘Home,’ ‘Work,’ and ‘Gym’ will appear right in front for quicker access to these destinations. Earlier you could set your work and home locations in the app, but you still needed to type in ‘home’ in the destination after tapping the option to set the drop location.

The other main change includes Calendar integration where you will now be able to connect your Calendar to Uber, and all the meetings and appointments will appear as shortcuts, making the entire process much easier and streamlined. The company has also redesigned how you can choose your car and compare prices without going to any separate screen or tapping any separate button.

Uber has also announced the arrival of “Trip integrations” where the company will roll out integration with other mobile applications, social media platforms and news aggregators while travelling using Uber to enrich the experience.

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Uber announces the rollout of new redesigned Uber app; Trip integration coming soon